Is there a book you need to write?

I work with writers of thoughtful non-fiction

and specialize in editing four types of books:

• Business & Leadership

• Health, Fitness & Healing

• Spirituality & Consciousness

• Memoirs

Every project is different. Some authors come to me with completed manuscripts;

others have the book solely in their heads or only partially on paper. 

Depending upon what's needed, I can work in a range of capacities:

After you specify your goals and intended audience, I can evaluate your manuscript,

provide feedback, and suggest a plan forward. For some books this involves

polishing, refining, sharpening, and tightening to improve clarity and flow:

other times it may involve more substantive structural or stylistic work.

It may also include drawing additional material from you, the author.

• Occasionally, I’ll do the actual writing. Working closely with the author, I ask salient questions,

tape record the responses, and then organize the material into a coherent flow.

This requires working closely together, in partnership, to ensure that the work

matches the author's intent and the author's voice is retained.

Always, our shared goal is to create a book you're proud of, one that is well-organized, clear,

compelling, and eminently readable. At all times, our process will be a collaboration of equals,

where you'll feel completely supported and encouraged.

JoAnne O’Brien-Levin, Ph.D.

“I love to work with leading edge thinkers who've gathered insight and wisdom that can help us take a fresh look at our lives, our thinking, and our culture.

“My diverse background—which includes strong academic training and deep explorations into wisdom traditions—enables me to get up to speed quickly.

“With an approach that’s both intellectual and intuitive,

I’ll collaborate with you to develop and express your ideas

in a way that’s true to your experience and your voice.”

If you’d like a free consultation on the project you have in mind,

send me an email and let me know when is a convenient time to talk.